Q: From 2019 to 2020:

Why Assumption University is the host of World Universities Debating Championship 2020? 

A: Assumption University, which is known as the first international university in Thailand, had ever been selected to be the host of “The 28th World Universities Debating Championship Competition” in 2008, organized from December 28th 2007 to January 4th 2008. As a result of successful 2008 event with almost 400 participating teams, Assumption University is once again selected to be the host of “the 40th World Universities Debating Championship 2020.” As a host of the 40th World Universities Debating Championship 2020, Assumption University, which always put a great emphasis on “English Language Proficiency” (one of the university identities), intends to be an essential part of international academic activities’ supporter. In fact, Assumption University always sees the importance of English usage, especially in term of communication since there is a demand of English as one of the required fundamental language skills. Therefore, people, especially the Youth, are cultivated to see the importance of English and start applying it in daily lives. Besides, Assumption University is ready to bring publics the delightful moments about Thailand through the 40th World Universities Debating Championship 2020.

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 The aim is to promote Thailand as one of the attractive tourist destinations, composed of many interesting places, outstanding arts and cultures. Currently, Thailand is now celebrating the coronation ceremony of King Rama X. With this ceremony, there are interesting royal traditions for people to learn. Therefore, as a host of this year debating championship, Assumption University aims to bring people not only informative knowledge about debating competition, but also a delightful knowledge about Thailand through ceremony, arts, cultures, foods and places.

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